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PE GUARD 1.2: Free Download


PE GUARD description

A handy application that protects your executable files from viruse infections, with no updates needed.

PE GUARD is a small program that protects you from:
· A virus/program trying to copy itself to your PC.(POWER mode only)
· A virus/program trying to inject itself into one of your PE(Portable Executable) files.(POWER & NORMAL mode)
· Any rootkit/program trying to write a new Driver (.sys) file in your PC. (POWER mode only)
How do I use PE GUARD ?
When an alert appears, the user can choose one action from three available actions:
· "ALLOW": Allow the process to get write access to the requested file.
· "REVOKE WRITE ACCESS": The process is allowed only to get read access to the
requested file.
· "PREVENT ANY ACCESS": Send Access Denied to the process


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