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ArcaVir System Protection 2009: Free Download


ArcaVir System Protection description

A comprehensive suite of intelligent tools that will protect your computer from viruses

ArcaVir System Protection provides a complex system protection for small, medium and large companies. The package constantly protects system against threats, burglary and theft of confidential data. It allows to safely use of e-banking.
The new system tools are: backup, system audit, patch finder. Thanks to the new system tools an computer network administrator can remotely prepare backup, system audit and patch finder. The package provides protection of sending data through communicators, Wi-Fi networks and bluetooth.
The main modules of the package: antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, http scanner, parental control, registry monitor, anti-banner, ArcaVir Administrator* and others.

· RAM memory available for the program 128 MB

· 31 days trial



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