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Novashield - Anti Malware 2.5.33: Free Download


Novashield - Anti Malware description

The application's signatureless behavior-based technology is designed to protect PCs from newer and unknown threats

What are the latest and dangerous viruses and malware prowling the Web? You know, the ones destined to become infamous for their stealthy abilities to wreak havoc on your PC and destroy or steal all the sensitive data on it?
Chances are, unfortunately, so are most traditional antivirus products.
That's because the way most traditional antivirus programs work. They compare a database of digital signatures of known viruses and malware against programs running - or trying to run - on your PC. The database often isn't updated with the signatures of the newest and unknown viruses and malware. It's pretty unsettling when you think about the fact that such signature-based antivirus programs fail to detect close to 50% of the viruses and malware within 24 hours of their release, according to a recent study by Damballa, a firm that focuses on protecting companies from targeted attacks used for organized online crime.



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